Council 13860 Volunteer Opportunities

Fridays After Five (FAF) – Please consider spending an evening with fellow brothers and handing out some refreshments while having free admission to listen to live music. Funds we receive from these events are what we use to provide funding to items within our parishes and within our community, and we have had more requests for assistance recently.

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KOVAR, established in 1971 is a Virginia Knights of Columbus Charity that provides financial assistance to individuals with intellectual disabilities. One of the ways that the Knights of Columbus generate money for this charity is through their Tootsie Roll Drive.

Coats for kids is another one of our charities supporting folks within our community. Volunteers needed to simply pick up the boxes of coats delivery them to the distribution centers, usually the local Sheriff’s Department.

Poinsettia Sales during the Christmas Season at St. Isidore the Farmer Church is another one of our ways fundraising. This is one the best times of year to get in the spirit of charity.